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how can i increase my blog trafic

Easy way of increasing trafic.

  • 1st way:

Mostly there are thousand of social networking Websites so the main point is that is this posible or not.this is posible see below.
You may can published your blogger link facebook,tweet and yahoo chat also there are thousand of social sites this will help you to increase the blogger trafic.

  • 2nd way:
submit your blogger link in the fourms and when You are posting some images Follow stpes.

  1. For Example Your posting title is "how can i increase my blog trafic" see below image.

your posting related to wallpapers so Your image name should be wallpapers see below image 
this is the most important trick to increase the blogger and any kind of website trafic this realy help to increase the blogger trafic the reason is that many people Searching from google For Example see below.
so if your post title is "how can i increase my blog trafic" and your posting image name also as"how can i increase my blog trafic" too so the google will pick your First.
i hope you will Enjoy this Trick

How To Put Ads above post

Easy way to put ads under the content of the post.
First of all why we use ads blow post title reason beacuse it is great position wiht the highest CTR (click-through rate).in the second way we can say ads placed there will bring the most money via using this.Here you are watching the structure of the blogger.we can placed our ads right ,side,leftside,below the post and above the post.According to the Adsense ads positioning guideline published by Google, the best performing Adsense ad position is above the primary content i.e.above the blog post. This is illustrated by the heat map on the right.placing an ad below post title and above is not difficult so here we come on our main point first you creat an ad unit on google adsense and get the code.if we wana use ads under the post so we can not put ads via usning blogger gadgets so here we go how can we make it possible follow the steps.

First Step:

  1. Log in to Google Adsense (opens in  tab/window) to create a new ad unit.
  2. For best results choose wide ad size -either 300x250 Medium Rectangle or 336x250 Large Rectangle format. Make sure you assign a new ad channel to it for performance monitoring purposes.
  3. When the setup is complete, you will be given a code.
  4. Run the code through an HTML escape tool to escape special characters in the code. The ad won’t appear if you use the original unescaped ad code.
  5. Copy the escaped code.
Second Step: 
  1. Go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML. Checked the Expend option.
  2. Tick the  Expand Widget Templates check box on top right of the HTML window.
  3. Look for the following line in your HTML code:
  4. Paste the escaped ad code right above the line, like so:

i have also done the same thing as you can see Below the post title
now enjoy.
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